A place for escape, play and exploration in coffee, tech and design


A place for escape, play and exploration in coffee, hospitality, design and business


I've written this post a few times now, a post about why PORTAFILTERLAND is being revived. Some of the posts were melodramatic - talking about how hard it has been to put a business out to pasture and how this website relaunching is about rebuilding and renewing. Some were inspirational - talking about how I've been re-inspired and want to pass along something positive or creative or interesting.

The real answer that PORTAFILTERLAND is coming back is that I just want to have fun. Life is complicated and there are a lot of things vying for our attention and time and I want this to be a place of escape, play, and exploration. This will be a place to share things that I feel have lasting value, things that are interesting, and things that I'm choosing to do for fun.

One of those things that I think is fun will be sharing more cafe stories like we've done with Tried & True, Upper Left, and Nossa Familia.

Other things I love that may find their way into PORTAFILTERLAND:

Coffee, espresso and tea

Conversations with nice people

Coffee gear and tech


Hospitality and customer service

Service design and customer experience

Training and education

Company culture and values

Architecture, Interior and Environmental design





Portland and other great cities and towns

(Just to name a few but, don't worry, I'll have a more specific intent written soon)


For now, I'll be re-working the website in my free time over the next month or so. I have some other projects on the main burners so I hope to re-launch PORTAFILTERLAND later this year. Again, this is going to be FUN! So, if you're paying attention, please call me out if it seems like I'm not having fun.

Take care,