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What Is Company Culture?

2. Company Culture Is Creative in Nature


A company where employees are working strictly for a paycheck is bound to have a high attrition rate. Deep down, people are hoping for more out of work than money. Financial incentive is a reason we work but for most people it cannot hold lasting value.

This idea of a Positive Creative Culture is really important to the backbone of what makes a healthy culture.

Human Nature is Creative

Humans are naturally creative. We are destined to create. Every time we make a choice we create an action. These actions build and build into a world around us. We can choose to create value and add to our world OR we can choose to take from our world. We can add beauty or evil, positivity or negativity.

Company culture is about creating value in the lives of the people who work for you, the people who you work with, the customers and clients you interact with, your vendors and suppliers, the community and industry you work in, as well as investors and backers.

For Your Employees

With your employees, a positive creative culture desires value for those who work for you and will help them be happier and find more meaning at work. They will more than likely go above and beyond for you, their co-workers, and customers. 

For Your Co-workers

With your co-workers, a positive creative culture desires the best for those around you and will instill a mentality of TEAM and US instead of INDIVIDUALISM and I. You'll connect, guide, and help your team grow and do better work.

For Your Customers

With your clients and customers, a positive creative culture desires to listen to your customers and find what they really need and want. Customers will be happier, more likely to come back and tell their friends about you.

For Your Suppliers

With your suppliers and vendors, a positive creative culture desires to aid in the growth and success of your vendors. As they grow, you, too could grow.

For Your Community

With your community, a positive creative culture desires to do the best for those you interact with. A more thriving community can result in a more thriving business.

For Your Industry

With your industry, a positive creative culture desires to do new and amazing things. The higher you raise the bar, the higher the industry can raise and innovation may follow.

For Your Shareholders

With your shareholders, a positive creative culture desires to provide more than profits. As shareholders find and identify more with your business, they may be more likely to support and back.

For Yourself and Your Personal Life

With yourself, a positive creative culture desires the benefit of those around you. Your spouse, partner, friends, family, and community may be more likely to have fun, do wonderful things, and build something of lasting value.

In Reality

Of course, all of this is really hard in reality. Choosing positively in a world that is rarely black and white takes practice, courage, and character. Choosing to create value can be extremely difficult in a world filled with evil, brokenness, and a lot of people who are looking out for Numero Uno. And we're bound to mess up on a daily, maybe even an hourly basis. 

Creating good things in this world is also about humility and forgiveness. We're bound to mess up in a myriad of ways each day so be gracious to yourself. While we're at it, we can be more gracious to those around us.

Positive creative Culture Is About Action

Ultimately, creating value is about ACTION that match up to your WORDS.


  • Good pay is not a lasting replacement for caring for employees
  • Deep down people want work, like life, to be meaningful
  • Adding to the world around us taps into a deep sense of purpose
  • Not everyone we work with desires to create value in their world
  • Extraction, rather than creation, is not always a bad thing but will never be sustainable


  • Choose to create rather than extract value in as many interactions as we can
  • Seek a deeper purpose in our work beneath the job description
  • Be honest with ourselves and those around us when we find we are taking more than we give
  • Talk with our employers, employees, clients, vendors, community and shareholders about how we can create a better place for them
  • Realize that we are human and that we will make a lot of mistakes. Be graceful with yourself and others.
  • Act in a way that matches up to our words